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Welcome to WhosHere Plus!

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key features

A dating app that
stood the test of time...


01- Love is all around

You will find that love is all around you as soon as you sign up. Potential dates near you have been waiting for you all this time.

WhosHere Plus is the refurbished version of the classic WhosHere, the pioneering Social Networking and Dating app that was first released in 2008. We’ve successfully helped millions of people from around the world find love, and, since you’re here, it 
looks like you’re next.


02- Look awesome

Upload photos of yourself and fill your profile by answering questions that are meant to 
show how great you are.


Initiate conversations with people you find interesting. 
Chat with them. And if you like them, date them


03-Dating is easy

Set your filters and skim through potential matches effortlessly. Let someone know you like them by liking parts of their profile, or just go ahead and chat with them.

People Love our App

We love seeing our WhosHere Plus users happy, so we do our best to help them find love. 

I was flattered from the moment I signed up to WhosHere Plus. I got 12 chat requests in 
less than 5 minutes. I’m now dating one of them.


Lara M.

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This app is amazing. If I hadn’t downloaded it, I would have never met my girlfriend who 
used to live right across the street. Crazy.


Johnny F.

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When I found this app, my thumb was tired of swiping right and left. What I like about WhosHere Plus is that I don’t have to go over profiles one at a time. I just skip the boring ones and chat with the ones I like.


Sam O.

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