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Welcome to  WhosHere Plus!

WhosHere Plus isn’t a dating app. It’s a love radar. It is the refurbished, fresher version of the classic WhosHere, the pioneering Social Networking and Dating app that was first released in 2008.
What we can say with certainty is that millions of people around the world found awesome dates and started great relationships just by using our app. And what we can promise is that you will find a lot of potential matches on our app. But it’s up to you to initiate the conversation and be the hero of your own love story.


Love is all

around you

Finding dates on WhosHere Plus is easy. When you like a profile, tap on it to find more information about the person. Initiate conversations to see if you really match.


Chat Before Match

A lot of dating apps out there force you to match before you chat, as if love is always love at first sight. WhosHere Plus, on the other hand, allows you to initiate conversations without getting matched because we believe that first impression isn’t everything.

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